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About Overseas Volunteering

“There’s no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone”   Unknown

Hi, My name is James Sauvey, I have spoken to many people about volunteering since I became involved with Overseas Volunteering, and pretty much I’d always get the same response, ” Wow, I’d love to do something like that, – if only I had the time or the money”!

Then I realised that these reasons were little more than myths, as though volunteering was the domain of the middle class student, so it became a bit of a “mission” of mine to show others, that if they really wanted to volunteer overseas, then there is absolutely nothing stopping  them. I’ve deliberately set out to destroy all the obstacles that typically get thrown up, like money – you don’t need any!, don’t have the time – I think if you look hard, you’ll find you have plenty, busy people make time, got commitments like family – take your family with you! a fantastic opportunity for bonding, I’ve not got any skills to offer – if you’re reading this, then you know enough English to help others get a basic understanding.

Be  warned, there isn’t really any reason that couldn’t be overcome with a little determination! So read on at your peril!

This site was set up to inspire and motivate the would be voluntary traveller, to encourage them to use their experiences and skills to help others, whilst at the same time, develop their own confidence, abilities and skills.

The site is a compilation of my own personal experiences, together with many other travelling volunteers contributing their own exciting stories and experiences.

I  became passionate about overseas volunteering when, at the tender age of 55yrs,  I decided that my life should get a much needed boost!

A quick search on the internet revealed a likely project, one working with the “Hill Tribes” in North Thailand, Yes I thought to myself, that seems to fit the bill, exotic, rustic sort of challenge! and without further ado,  booked it. I was so lucky, that it was in fact, a genuine project with real people……..but it was simply a matter of luck and I’m ashamed to say, that at 55yrs, it had absolutely nothing to do with “due diligence” on my part!”

There are many organisations who are not genuine and are simply set up  to fleece kind hearted people who are willing giving up their time and money. Others are genuine, but see volunteers as some sort of cash machine and little if any of the money ends up in the project that you’ve volunteered at.

It could be worth stating that many people mistake the organisation that are making the arrangements, for the actual charity it’s-self or believe that they are actually running the project they are going to be volunteering at. It’s seldom the case, they are simply intermediatries working on behalf of the many NGO’s (Non Governmental  Organisations) to attract volunteers to their projects.

That said, most organisations offer a really good, comprehensive and reasonably priced service. They personally check the suitability of the NGO’s projects, the accomodation and usually have local representation in the countries they operate in.

I’ve included a list of recommended organisations under opportunities, it’s by no means a conprehensive list and will no doubt increase with other volunteers’ recommendations.

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  1. Celticbeast says:

    This is a great blog, I got totally absorbed by it. A couple of your articles gave me goosebumps and a lump in my throat.

    Keep up the good work.

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