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Great! You’ve made the important decision to volunteer, and  believe me , that’s the hardest part, the fund raising is easy by comparison.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance” Author Unknown. ( But if  my daughter’s anybody to go by, I’d guess it was a student!!)

I’m going to have to assume here, that 1) you don’t already have oodles of money laying around waiting to be spent, or even if you do  have, you’d prefer to make this an exciting challenge by raising the funds via other means! and 2) you don’t have mega rich relatives waiting for an occasion such as this to shower you with money!

Particularly for your first trip, allow yourself plenty of time to raise the funds, say 6 to 12 months (it will all add to the excitment)

So, where to start, firstly you need to draw up a plan of action:

1) Fix the amount:  sound obvious, but you need to make sure you’ve covered everything. Have you already got a passport and necessary visas, inoculations,you’ll need the right sort of clothing and equipment, Flight tickets, transport to and from the airport, the organisation’s arrangement fees, general spending money for trips etc, and, if you’re a secret philanthropist a sum of money to give or spend at the project whilst you’re there. (even relatively small sums can make a big difference) It may also be a good idea to setup a separate bank account so you can show people how you’re doing, it will also keep you motivated  as you watch the fund grow.

2) Get out the mega-horn: Learn all you can about where and what you’ll be doing, about the organisation you’ll be going with, many of them will supply you with a letter to show people, and then, with great enthusiasm, start telling everybody, and I do mean everybody, many, many people would deep down, love to do something similar to what you are doing, but either haven’t got the time or have other commitments to consider, but by helping you, makes them feel a small part of the adventure. The local paper usually love to put in articles promoting worthwhile projects, and are there many associated organisations or shops who would be interested in helping with funds or donating goods either for you to take or for you to sell, could you give talks at local schools or various groups like churches or W.Is,  maybe you could start a blog diary to keep everybody up to date with events and your trip?

3) Rally your friends and family to your “cause”:Why? simply because many mouths are better than one! You can brainstorm fund raising ideas which may work better for you and your locality, also they may well know someone you don’t, who in turn, could open doors to influential benefactors,you never ever know! You may also persuade them to help out at your events!

4) Decide on what events you are going to do, and when you’re going to do them, pace yourself (and spare a thought for other people’s pocket) too many events together won’t get the same response. I’m going to expand this subject in time but a few ideas to get you going :

Sponsored anything! From walking to marathon runs, head shaving (if you have anything to shave off!) talking to silence! etc

Sell off everything you no longer want, along with everything that you can get donated by friends, family, neighbours, shops and businesses, at carboots, tabletop sales, fairs, more expensive  items  could be sold off with some cheap local advertising, the wonderful word of mouth, on Ebay etc

Feeling Adventurous? How about a charity parachute jump, bungy jump, charity abseiling or charity fire-walking

Cooking/ Baking: Still one of the most popular fund raisers out there! Get a group or groups of friends and family/ neighbours together, and bake, bake, bake items and sell them on a stall.

Do have brainstorming sessions: with everybody who’s willing to help you, it’s amazing what one good suggestion can lead to.

Don’t forget it’s about Fun draising: for you, your helpers and the people who are donating

Don’t get upset if some people don’t donate, there are thousands of good causes out there, which some people feel more strongly about, and therefore has a greater pull on their money, and at the end of the day, there’s only so much to go around!

Don’t ever doubt you’ll succeed, if you do enough of the right things, with the right intentions, with enough energy and enthusiasm, you simply can’t fail! Whenever I’ve done any fundraising, the funds have always snowballed right at the end!

“Having a big heart has nothing to do with how big your bank account is. Everyone has something to give”.
–Barbara Bush

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    Fantastic ideas and certainly something for everyone, Excellent thank you

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